Saturday, October 15, 2011

miss holly

holly was so much fun to work with! she is so gorgeous and photogenic.
holly is a senior at snow canyon high school and one incredible dancer.
IMG_0393 copyIMG_0439 copy
IMG_0175 bwIMG_0171 copy
IMG_0183 copyIMG_0227 copy 
IMG_0301 copyIMG_0396 copy
 IMG_0403 copyIMG_0275 copy 
 IMG_0604 copyIMG_0729 copy
IMG_0612 copyIMG_0632 copy
IMG_0635 copy
  IMG_0643 copyIMG_0650 copy
IMG_0707 copyIMG_0721 copy
IMG_0756 copyIMG_0694 copy 
 IMG_0800 copy
IMG_0775 copyIMG_0790 copy 
 IMG_0818 copy


  1. Love, love every photo here. But I am especially partial to the mother daughter photo at the end, becuase it reminds me of when you and I did that at your senior pictures! They are mother, like daughter!