Friday, January 6, 2012


A few weeks ago I had the chance to be a second shooter at a wedding for Jalene Taylor. It was cold and windy, but so much fun. The bride was just glowing and the couple couldn’t stop smiling. I loved shooting with Jalene. She actually took my wedding photos. To see more of her work, go here.

IMG_0837 copyIMG_0830 copy

IMG_0816 copy

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IMG_0823 copyIMG_0904 copy

IMG_0840 copyIMG_0865 copy

IMG_0912 copy

IMG_0918 copyIMG_1016 copy

IMG_0922 copy2

IMG_0932 copyIMG_0889 copy

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14 copyIMG_1238 copy

IMG_1243 copyIMG_1252 copy

IMG_1215 copy

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  1. Alexa! I am wondering if you could do me a favor? I am getting married on May 5, and this bride's bridesmaid shirts are EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Do you know where they got them??