Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to all who entered this giveaway! I loved reading all your stories and had the hardest time choosing a winner! Thank goodness for the hubs to help me out!

And the winner is…..




Andrew & Laura!

Email me so we can book your session!


The story she sent me was so cute and funny, I had to share it with you!


He use to be a logger, back when he lived in California. When the economy got rough, his hometown was hit pretty hard - so he jumped at the opportunity to help his younger sister as she was preparing to deploy to Iraq from Hill Air Force Base in Utah.

Times were not much better in Utah to be honest. So to make ends meet while he figured out what he was going to do He resorted to odd jobs, day labor and temp agencies. One agency in particular supplied workers to a Vegetarian-Meat processing plant owned by one of the countries largest Cereal companies. After just a few short weeks with Him on staff that company decided they needed him full time - yea, my man is that good!

That same company also decided to purchase and have installed some new packaging equipment - one of the MANY services my company provides. During the installation phase I was tasked with "babysitting" the equipment to prove it ran as promised - for weeks!!! Well guess who just happened to operate the equipment I was assigned to watch???

Ummm.... yea.... You see where this is going....

In case you were wondering - we did have some pretty HUGE obstacles to overcome...

First: In food plants you are NOT allowed to wear any jewelry.... well darn! How am I suppose to know if he's married!!

Second: In food plants you are required to wear hearing protection - so basically every conversation is a shouting match.

Third: In food plants you are also required to wear hair-nets, beard-nets, safety glasses, clothing coverings (like lab coats or smocks) and more often than not a hard hat is required.... I mean, how is anyone supposed to see just how hot I am under all of this.

But, somehow we managed.... and every time I think about how we got started, it reminds me of Tony and his famous "They'rrrrrrrrre Great!!" echos in my head.

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